Monthly Archives: February 2013

Up up and away

Went out the day before yesterday after a week off running.  As I said previously, there was no real reason for this just plain laziness. I spent ages looking for my Salomon’s only to find them sat on top of the rabbit hutch.  This is generally where I put my trainers after a muddy run […]

Nothing all week

After Mudrunner I was full of good intentions.  However, apart from taking the dog out for a mile run last Thursday I have done nothing.  Its not because I was in pain (apart from my bottom) or tired muscles, it was because the weather wasn’t particularly great and, if I’m honest, I couldn’t be bothered.  […]

Icebreaker 2013

Mudrunner Icebreaker. Well! This event is part of the Mudrunner series of cross-country runs/duathlons and obstacle courses. I did my first Mudrunner event a couple of years ago and achieved Mud Master status (three events in a rolling year) last June. The Icebreaker is a 6-ish mile run followed by a 12-ish mile mountain bike […]