Had to get out.

After a couple of weeks of trying to fit a run in and running out of excuses, I got off my backside the other morning and went out.  The dog had the delight of me taking her for another run (what a treat!). I had decided that this was going to be my four mile course and I would be running to Podrunner Skyline. I had previously got up to Skyline 2. and this time decided I was going to move up to Podrunner Skyline 3. There is a course that is a little over four miles and takes me past the farm at the side of the hill and a track across the fields up the side of the hill.

Farm in the distance. I run up to this along the visible road and then around to the right.

Farm in the distance. I run up to this along the visible road and then around to the right.

I did the five minute warm up walk at the start of the podrunner series and off we went. Needless to say the dog pulled like she was pulling me on a sled and had to be reined in a good few times before she settled down. I have to admit that I settled into it myself quite quickly. For some reason my right knee began aching as soon as we set off and hurt a bit for about a mile. I don’t know whether it stopped hurting or I just got used to it hurting but I can’t say that I noticed it after a while.
The first mile and a half was road running before we got up to the Farm. There is a track around to the right of the farm that then turns right and takes you up over the ploughed field up the side of the hill for a short distance. As we went around to the right of the farm however, I had to negotiate a load of broken tarmac and other rubble. It is as if the farmer has been digging up a large part of the farmyard and dumping it around the side of his farm. I don’t have a problem with what the farmer is doing to his property, but I think that he is taking a diabolical liberty dumping it all on a public footpath. I know that the land is his, but the footpath is there for the use of all. I am in two minds about contacting the council. I was left with the choice of either picking my way through the rubble or running an loop around it onto the farmer’s ploughed field.
I chose to pick my way through it and continued along the track. The farmer has also decided to dump a pile of goodness knows what beside the track. Whatever it is, it leaves the water a very questionable brown colour. Needless to say the dog was keen to drink it!! What is it about dogs? They want to eat and drink the foulest things.
Anyway we continued up the hill and I got my head down and pushed on until the style. At the style it was a quick about turn and back along the way we had come.
I definitely run better downhill. It doesn’t matter how hard the uphill bit has been, I always find the downhill bit easier. If only I could find a circuitous route near home that is all downhill.
Mapmyrun said that I had gone 4.14 miles. My watch said that I had done it in a little over 40 minutes. It worked out at just over a 10 minute mile. So, just like my last run, I am still running about the same pace.
I got home feeling quite happy with myself. After a stretching session I opted for ten minutes in a cold bath for my legs. I was certainly grateful for that the next day. There was no aching in my calf (although I will still be taking it easy for a couple more weeks) and my thighs were only a little achy and certainly not painful.
I am looking forward to getting out on a more trail like track in the next week or so and increase my distance. Oh, about a mile and half in I realised that I wasn’t running along to Skyline 3, but Skyline 2. No wonder the pace didn’t seem any harder and I thought I recognised the music (doh!). I am getting too old for this, if only because I am struggling to remember things. Ha!


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