Monthly Archives: June 2013


The first two runs in my programme were for a set time.  This run was a set distance.  Four miles. I had sat down and worked out a couple of four mile routes on Mapmyrun.  I had done a bit of adjusting to ensure that I had either a four mile loop or a definite […]

Keep on running

Day two of my new “training” regime saw me setting off after work the other day.  I hadn’t been in long from work when I quickly got changed and set off.  My training schedule had me down for a 35 minute run.  So I set my timer on my watch for the half way point […]

Off and running.

I am starting to think that I have really caught this running bug thingy.  I won’t say that I have become addicted to it, but there is definitely something going on.  I spent this week keep thinking about going for a run.  I know that I should rest my foot up until there is no pain […]

Pain in the foot.

No posts recently as I have developed a quite painful heel. I have looked on the internet and diagnosed myself as having plantar fasciitis. Apparently this is quite common with runners. That’s nice to know. I thought I was a plodder but it turns out that I am a runner. Now, I know I should […]