Monthly Archives: July 2013

Raining Cats and Dogs.

Well, just dogs actually. After my run the other day my foot felt reasonably fine. In fact, there was very little constant pain in my heel. So without further ado, I decided to take the dog out for another gentle run. This time, I was going to go for 25 minutes!! You would think that […]

Couldn’t help myself.

I have always been a bad patient. I generally do not go the doctor unless I absolutely have to. I have put up with any number of aches and pains and assorted conditions without recourse to the quack. I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy – actually I […]

No training

Well I have been off running since Oblivion and it is killing me.  The Plantar Fasciitis is still giving me problems.  It generally hurts first thing in the morning (as all the internet evidence would suggest), despite my best efforts of stretching.  As the day progresses the pain generally lessens.  The thing is, I don’t […]

Taking it easy.

After my sterling efforts in Mudrunner I have been having more pain in my heel.  For the first couple of days (recovering from Oblivion) the pain was almost constant.  It wasn’t a really painful pain, just a more noticeable discomfort.  As a result I have decided to take a break from running for a while. […]


I had decided that I was going to scale back my involvement in the Mudrunner series of events.  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the various events from the Classic, through Icebreaker to Oblivion.  However it is just getting, in my view, more and more expensive.  Probably not that expensive in the great scheme […]

Heavy Going

My runs the week before last were supposed to be two times runs of 30 and 35 minutes and one distance run of four miles. As it was I did the two timed runs and used Mudrunner Oblivion as the distance (more of that later). The first timed run I decided to run a route […]