Monthly Archives: September 2013


The plantar fasciitis is no better. In all honesty it’s no worse either. One of the guys at work said that he had it when he was in the Marines and it lasted about a year. In fairness, he said, he did continue running on it. Oh well. Another nine months or so to go […]


Some time ago I read that if you are suffering with a cold, as long as it was above the neck, you should be fine to train.  It didn’t say what to do when it was at the join between the neck and the chest!  I have had a bit of cold for the last […]

First Long Run

Mid week I ran my second run in the training regime.  A timed run of 35minutes.  I ran to Podrunner Skyline 4 and felt quite good in doing so.  My knee started hurting on the warm up walk but once I started running I was fine.  Nothing else to report on that front. I had […]