Monthly Archives: December 2013

Santa – I’ve been a very good boy.

Merry Christmas.  As is usual this time of year, all of our money has gone on Christmas pressies for the kids.  As is usual for this time of year not all of the pressies have been well received.  Oh well, they will only have 364 days to moan about it.  I did treat myself to […]

Back on the trail.

I had decided to do another road loop last week and chosen to take it easy.  I managed to find an old podcast from Podrunner that had a steady 166bpm.  I also decided to take the dog with me again.  Panting, jumping up with excitement, pulling at the lead and darting ahead.  There was just […]

Old Shoes, New Shoes

I don’t recall what I used to wear on my feet when I did PE at school.  We occasionally went outside for “cross-country” runs, but my memory has failed me in that department.  When I went running to get fit to join the army I used to run in my Army Cadet boots.  And when […]

Slow road to recovery.

Well it’s been two weeks since my last run and I finally went out for another recovery run the other day. I started this blog as a diary of my trail running activity, to see where I had gone, how far, how I felt, etc. As the last year has passed it moved on to […]