Monthly Archives: March 2014

Swallowed My Pride

I was finding this heart rate training lark really hard going.  When my heart rate goes above (or below) the Zone for the training that I am doing, my Garmin gives me a little warning. If you recall, a couple of weeks ago my heart rate would not go down and the damn thing kept […]

A Good Week

Well what a difference a week makes.  The sun has been out (when it hasn’t been foggy) and the water/mud is starting to dry out.  My nose has also started to dry out and, apart from having a “bit of a cough”, the cold appears to be on its way out too.   After last […]

Heart Rate training with a cold.

Having a cold is no joke. Especially if you are a man. The minute you get a sniffle or a cough you get zero sympathy from anything remotely female. “Oh, man flu then?” No it’s not man flu its just a cold, but it doesn’t make my nose run any less, head ache any less, […]

Running With Plantar Fasciitis

There are days when I don’t even notice the Plantar Fasciitis and days when I notice it all of the time.  When I first self-diagnosed it I trawled the internet for any clue as to quick fixes.  I have tried rolling the foot over a bottle full of ice, duct taping the arch, calf stretches […]