I am a father of three, in my late forties, currently serving in one of the Emergency Services. I was in the Army for ten years prior to this. I never did much running when I was in the Army, although I did some sport and a bit of running to maintain fitness. Running was something that I found mind-numbingly boring.
I only really got into running about four or five years ago. I certainly wish that I had done it a lot sooner. I also referee football at the weekends, which gives me a bit of alternative fitness.
Trail running is my way of running whilst having plenty of plausible excuses for going as slowly as I do – it was muddy/raining/frozen, there were gates/styles/loose dogs.
This blog is my way of recording my runs, how I have felt and trail running associated blurb. It is done as much for my recollection as anything else. If you enjoy the blog, please feel free to comment and tell your friends. If you don’t enjoy the blog, by all means let me know.


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